Hello World Indeed!

And hello to the world of writing a first novel.

I had no idea that once I began the journey, it would take me along the path it has; full of passion and enjoyment. And of course for the challenge of turning simple letters of the alphabet into a story and characters that I think about almost non-stop.

I’m certain fellow writers know exactly what it means to do so.

It’s unbelievable isn’t it …

And it’s unbelievable the amount of information I’ve had to absorb about writing, but according to my English teacher daughter, who is also working on her masters degree, I am doing quite well.

I like to think some of that is because I am a musician, but more importantly because of the type of musician I am. I enjoy being involved with a song and the challenge of trying to add just the right amount of myself while hoping what I add makes a positive impression on the outcome. More times than not it happens, and when the singer makes a comment like, “You nailed it!” I certainly feel like I’ve been successful.

Music is a lot like a good book. It ebbs and flows in feeling and emotion and you must have an ear for the multitude of details that are going on around you, always listening, always trying to fit the tone and mood of the song. When an audience lets you know it was a success there’s little that comes close.

However, I imagine writing a novel that connects with readers can easily top it.

I truly hope to find out one day.

If you write and also play I’d love to hear from you and see if you think music helps with the connection to writing as I think it does for me.



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