A journey better late then never

Hello all my current and future friends! I want to take a moment and say how much I appreciate you stopping by and visiting. Please feel free to comment and ask questions about anything I post.

One reason I have taken this step, this adventure, is that I seem to have found my passion, which is connecting with people in ways that allow them to think.

Yes, music was the first, and I am thankful beyond compare I found that medium so long ago. But the second is writing. And to create a story that touches the human heart, that possibly allows a person to think, “What if,” is compelling.

Another reason is that I believe we all have a passion, yes, possibly untapped, and if some little thing I say or do can provide a spark of any kind to those seeking that special thing that fulfills them, I will be grateful.

In other words:
I believe in YOU and want you to believe in you too.

Yes, there are various things to believe in first that can provide a map along this journey. I prefer the light of truth which leads to introspection and perspective, especially perspective about others.

Imagine how it might be to live inside someone; to be along for the ride, experiencing every single thing they do.

What a perspective that might allow!

That theme is a huge part of the novel I am currently working on, and doing so has led me to places within myself I never knew existed.

Perhaps you are familiar with this old song …

“I am a poor, wayfaring stranger, traveling through, this world of woe. There’ll be no sadness, toil or danger, in that bright land, to which I go.”

We all are “poor wayfaring strangers,” and certainly this world is full of woe. What we can do individually is to brighten our own small corners, hoping our light shines for others to see.

I love the work of author Rex Stout. He was an interesting individual in all respects.
Two quotes, one simple and one not so, are part of my daily thinking:

“Use your intelligence guided by experience.”

And the second goes out to you,

“I wish you well.”


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