No Prompt Necessary



a child looking up into the night sky

and saying

the stars are lights

and then serenading you

with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

without being prompted

Innocence is the same child telling you


I love you

no prompts necessary

Not quite four yet

and you wonder how long before innocence

like that is lost

whisked away

torn all too gently

from the tender heart

and gentle soul

Never I hope


2 thoughts on “No Prompt Necessary

  1. wow…so glad you and I got to talk about you writing and that you gave me the web site to check out. Keep up the great work. Too few make the time in this hurry up world, to just sit back and let the talent flow from the mind to the fingers. You put the thoughts into words and express it very creatively. I like the pictures your words paint.

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