So Are We all

I am human

so are we all.

THIS is the tie that binds

our humanity

though some deny it.

Too many deny truth

clinging like leeches to the body

sucking, draining, parasites of hate

unable to look within

to find the truth of it ALL

not just their own perspective

falling prey to divisiveness

glorifying in it

reveling in it

and the many untruths.

Hate upon hate upon hate all

based on incoherent perceptions

lies, half-truths, the words of those who would separate

for their own use.

None are so blind as those who would not see.

Is hope lost,

lost to us all?

When you march, screaming obscenities,

loving hate, loving violence,

and nothing more,

not even yourself,

you even kill your own hopes

as well as those of humanity.


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