But She’s Already Home.

at work standing

I hear a voice.

I haven’t seen you in a while, I say.

yeah, he says.

vacation? I ask.

his eyes say no.

nothing bad I hope, I say, seeing that it was.

Then he tells me about his brother and sister-in-law

and how she was nine months and two weeks pregnant.

her water broke and they went to the hospital.

He tells me things I don’t want to hear

then says he has a picture of the baby girl.

I try to wave it away, I try not to look.

But I do.

She’s in her mother’s arms

and her daddy is kissing her forehead.

Tears form in my eyes as they do now.

She is perfection, and her parents

wanted nothing more than to take her home

to raise

to cherish

to love as only a first child can be loved.

But she’s already home.


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