Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day. …
Three words that feel so lacking as they are typed, spoken, even hand written.
Do you know a veteran? If so, take a moment and look into their eyes and consider what it took for them to serve their country, to leave their homes, to do something they had no idea they could do. Then think about how most of us cower at the thought of doing anything new, of making a change in our lives, of doing something that matters.

They are heroes, each and every one, and they deserve our gratitude, every single ounce that we can muster.

Thank you, Vets. Your service is appreciated more than you know.


2 thoughts on “Happy Veteran’s Day

  1. perfect….
    How often do we pass by and not acknowledge these brave people who have given up so much of themselves to keep us safe. You recognize them..you see them. How many of them are often seen with caps bearing a clue.. WWII vet… Vietnam Vet… How many of them like my brother come home carrying the souls of brothers who gave it all, and yet we hardly acknowledge the presence of the one we are walking past. I usually make the extra effort to go to each and ask if they served and if they did, I thank them. Very few who wear a cap that bears the words “Veteran” are not true vets. I do not do this just on Veterans day but every time I am out. Two words that are not enough for their sacrifice Thank you

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    • A very touching and, I’m sure for you and your brother, all too realistic commentary about those who served. I lost a cousin in that war, and I have another who served three tours. Talking about it recently, he said, that at the time, he wasn’t sure why he kept returning, but now he thinks it may have had something to do with, as you described your brother, not wanting to come home carrying the souls of his brothers.


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