Seventy-Plus Followers. And a fine time to give thanks.

So. …

Thank you to all who are following my simple, and often unattended, blog, and also to those who have taken the time to read any of my too few posts.

After starting a novel in January, and after reading how a person should have a “social presence,” I came to the venerable wordpess site, hoping to connect–and connect I did.

But, and I am sure of this, the connection came as a positive more for me than those who follow me. I have connected, and read, many, many inspirational posts, running from poetry to short stories, including single sentences with accompanying pictures and illustrations that make those word complete–a story unto themselves.

So thank you each and every one for your “follows.” Each  is a smile.

But thank you too for your inspiration. Each is a sigh of gratitude.

J. Willis.




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