She Called This Hope

As she sat upon the hot sand, sea birds calling overhead, a warm, salt breeze entered her being. She called this Truth.

The sun peeked from over the waves, casting pelican shadows, and it was a  glowing disc, alive and shimmering. She called this Honor.

The sun continued, traveling the blue, cloudless sky until it set behind her, and the great orange ball of the moon rose over the waves, and she called this Respect.

The next morning brought a sky filled with anger, rage at all that was believed, but what was nothing more than lies that soiled the land. Lightning flashed wicked strikes upon the deep and thunder rolled and boomed and settled, its echo a whisper across the distance. She called this Ignorance.

But before the night, came the true gift. As the clouds sailed west, as the wind scattered the velvet mists, as the calm returned to the sea and the slight spray dampened her face, a rainbow formed, a bow of color across the horizon east.

She called this Hope.


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