If Nothing More Than Hopes

What are mothers, if nothing more than hopes?

They hold from the beginning, the smallest of seeds.

They nurture, they feed, they do more than we comprehend.

If they are true mothers, as many are,

yet they feel for those of us born to mothers who are not.

Some gone on, some aged, some dealing with rebellion, some watching mistakes


Sit with yours today. Look into her eyes, whether blue, green, brown,

regardless of shades, and realize who she is.

because of all the things she is, she is not just your mother.

She is a person, a human being with hopes and dreams like you.

But know this: her dreams include you, your happiness, the fine things in life she knows


are capable of.

Mothers, if they are true, if the gem of wisdom sparkles,

the gem too many take for granted, are worthy.

Words will never reach the pinnacle of a mother,

for Hope’s definition is hers.



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