Still Journeying Onward

Well, here I am, almost done with another novel. One chapter to go and it will be time for the real work, which is editing. If you’ve ever thought about trying to write something, give it a shot. It’s as rewarding a thing as I’ve ever done. But yes, it can be very hard work. So many things have to work together to make a novel come together well, to fit like pieces in a puzzle, to make it all seem like it was easy to write, when it definitely was not.

If you haven’t heard the terms ‘pantser’ and ‘plotter,’ now you have, and I am a pantser, which means, loosely, that I write ‘by the seat of my pants.’

What it really means, at least to me, is I write without anything except the most general outline, which, for the most part, is in my head. I come up with a premise, a main character, and other characters. Then I let the premise, as well as the conflict, carry me forward, while allowing the characters, who can become as genuine to me as people I know, whisper their secrets, telling me who they are, what is in their past, both good and not so good, and finally, what their fondest wishes are.

Still journeying onward while attempting to meet the challenge of having a published work on the shelves one day.

Wouldn’t that be something?


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