In Fiery Splendor

sunset over the Albemarle sound

As the budding rose is to the rising sun

drawing forth in fiery splendor

so are we

As the smile of a child is to the parent’s heart

bringing forth love in all its mysterious ways

so are we

As the gull is to wave tops

endlessly seeking above crests foamy and golden at sunrise

so are we

As the oak leaf is to emerald grandeur

awaiting the final downward drift with gust and gale

so are we

As we each seek our path, yearning above all else to

lock hope away in our hearts


set it free

Allow hope to bloom, to laugh, to soar


at the end

you will pass forth with joy and thanksgiving

filled to everlasting


All The While Settling Onto Beauty

A flickering fluttering triangle of wing and body

Colors blurring, wind carrying aloft

During the seeking

Her goal, her sole existence is to feed for growing

To lay eggs for living

To continue the cycle endlessly

Of newness



Oh, what life to live

Flying on current’s edge

Constantly in hazard’s way

All the while settling onto


Of leaf and petal

Of scent and color

Kissed with dewdrops left by

The Morning.


Happy 100!

According to my bell in the upper right hand corner, I have reached 100 followers.

First, I’d like to say thank you. I am humbled by you taking your time to check in on what I might be doing on WordPress.

Second, I’d like to say it’s nice to meet you. When I first came to WordPress, I had no idea there were so many talented people here. If it weren’t for you, this site would not exist.

Thanks again, and best to everyone.


The Challenge

The Challenge of life is to welcome challenge itself, not for ego, not for attention, not for riches, but for the dim glow that grows into brightness, illuminating the person you were meant to be when you were only a small spark in the Heavens.

But Who Fears.

I saw him staring into the face of someone he never knew

or had no interest in knowing. With his hard eyes he taunted

threatened, and with the tight line of his lips he refused communication.

The facts were there, but he chose to look


The truth was within him, but he would not hear.

The small, still voice begged to be heard

the face of honesty and honor wished to be seen

but fear of what is within blinds those assuming they see all.

Is it already too late? Does hate reign?

Does choosing to separate and divide, looking the other way rather than at one’s self

doom  all?

But who fears … but who fears.

Still Journeying Onward

Well, here I am, almost done with another novel. One chapter to go and it will be time for the real work, which is editing. If you’ve ever thought about trying to write something, give it a shot. It’s as rewarding a thing as I’ve ever done. But yes, it can be very hard work. So many things have to work together to make a novel come together well, to fit like pieces in a puzzle, to make it all seem like it was easy to write, when it definitely was not.

If you haven’t heard the terms ‘pantser’ and ‘plotter,’ now you have, and I am a pantser, which means, loosely, that I write ‘by the seat of my pants.’

What it really means, at least to me, is I write without anything except the most general outline, which, for the most part, is in my head. I come up with a premise, a main character, and other characters. Then I let the premise, as well as the conflict, carry me forward, while allowing the characters, who can become as genuine to me as people I know, whisper their secrets, telling me who they are, what is in their past, both good and not so good, and finally, what their fondest wishes are.

Still journeying onward while attempting to meet the challenge of having a published work on the shelves one day.

Wouldn’t that be something?

I Have to Believe

When the grenade exploded, he never knew what hit him. The blast lifted him off his feet, hot shrapnel ripped his young body, and he fell. The snowy ground received him, wrapped him in a blanket of quiet, and except for the sound of blood gurgling in his own throat, the woods were silent.

Time stopped, a snowflake hung in mid-air, and at that very moment he wanted nothing more than to take it in his palm and watch it melt away, its soul transforming with death.

He blinked once, twice, and she called to him, I have to believe I’ll see you again, I have to believe I’ll see you again, I have to believe …

Quotes for the Week

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, what else is there?

When ears hear, but do not process, they are deaf. When eyes look, but do not see, they are blind.

Life is a fairly simple challenge. Live and let live, respect each other, and for peace and harmony, don’t break the law. If we do the first two, the third takes care of itself.

When perspective is a scarce as it is, it’s too bad we can’t swap bodies for a while.

When ego drives a person, honesty is not within them.

When the desire to improve one’s self is left behind for the desire for personal gain, all is definitely lost.

Quotes for the week

The scales of justice are empty for a reason, and it’s not so anyone can load one side with assumptions.

Perspective is not judging a person or situation before knowing a person or situation. And it works both ways.

If you think you know what happened because you saw it on the internet, with no other facts to back it up, you don’t.

It’s strange that so many judge before knowing, yet they expect others to not do so with them.

Instead of Scales, Lady Justice should be holding a lie detector. Assumptions are being believed before truth has a chance.

A leader listens to both sides, acquiring all knowledge before reacting, for to do otherwise defines him, or her, as an instigator.