Memories of


and Daughters


and Brothers


and Aunts


and Fathers


and Grandmothers

Great Grand-mothers

and Great-grandfathers

and cousin upon cousin

and friends

From every corner of the free world




They all gave and many gave their all.

This and every Memorial Day



That medium of you. Poetry

So many give in

and so many fear

so many fail, and never begin

do brick walls smash us

or do we hit them

of course it’s the latter

so why give in

we hope for others

so why not ourselves

it’s not like a fairy tale

and we’re all elves

dreams can come true

of that I’ve no doubt

so tuck in your lip

and change that pout

life’s no circus

with time to clown

so find that place

that medium of you

I’m sure you can do it

if anything’s true

A tribute to Darren. Poetry from the heart.

I had a friend

with a wonderful voice

kind hearted

and generous

He sang from that special


way down deep

and loved sharing

I was not there when he died

all too young and left

a widow

and children

no words can tell

not a one

Would you


something as grand

as beautiful

as awe inspiring

as a simple ocean wave ended

his voice

and his life

that … that …

so many enjoyed?

Another friend made an attempt to sing

as we said goodbye

through heartrending sobs he tried

and he was a visage to friendship

and to us all as we sat

and wept